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What to wear

You may be required to undress sufficiently so that your therapist can properly assess the area. Please wear or bring along suitable clothing to assist in this matter. Bring or wear a pair of shorts for all lower limb injuries.

On Arrival

On arrival you will be required to fill in a consent form which normally takes approximately 5 minutes.


Your therapist will first discuss the nature of your injury. We will ask questions including where the pain is located, the type of pain, the intensity of the pain and which movements or positions affect the injury. Your therapist will then establish a thorough history of the condition and ask a number of relevant questions to help in diagnosis and treatment. This part of the assessment is called the Subjective Assessment and forms the basis of a detailed and accurate examination.

Following this, the therapist will conduct a physical assessment. This comprises of you completing a series of movements which allows the therapist to accurately diagnose the injury. The use of special equipment may be necessary.

The therapist will then take time to discuss and explain what the injury is and the proposed treatment plan. This is paramount as your understanding is important for the success of the recovery.

Finally the therapist will go through exercises with you so understand what exercises to do and why you are doing them. These will be completed as a home-based exercise plan in between each appointment to aid a speedy recovery.

Treatment may be undertaken within this session depending on the injury.

Follow up Sessions

The follow up session will mainly comprise of specific treatments. The therapist will use specialist equipment such as ultra-sound therapy to optimise treatment and recovery.